Saturday, May 26, 2012

End of the Year Celebrations Linky!

I'm linking up with Valerie at All Students Can Shine for an End of the Year Celebrations Linky!

Every year I do some tried and true activities and I add some new ones.Here’s this years plan (so far):

1. Student journals – I by a set of little journals at the Dollar Tree.  I collect foamy stickers for the kids to decorate their journals.  I add a pencil and make journal jars with the kids.  They are just little containers from the Dollar Tree with a label on top saying Journal Jar and the directions.  The students cut up strips of prompts, fold them, and add them to their journal jars for writing over the summer. I even had a parent call one year after the kids were out to tell me her son, who was not really interested in writing, was sitting in his room writing away – a totally fist pump moment!

Jot 4-Subject Mini Spiral Notebooks

Ooh, ooh!  Added a freebie!  Click on the image to grab it!


2. I bought a snow cone making machine a couple years ago, so we make snow cones.

3.  Beach Day – the last day is most about containment!  We make it a beach day.  Kids bring in beach towels and we take books outside to read.  I think I bought them sunglasses from the dollar Tree one year.

4. Memory and autograph books.  There’s lots of options out there!

5. Over the years, I have put together these crazy summer packets.  Each on has a leveled reading list with books families can get at the library, a writing packet, a math packet, and other summer activities.  It seems to fill a need for families.

Here are some resources for book lists:

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