Thursday, May 24, 2012

YouTube Linky

There are so many great linky parties going on right now!  It is nice to link up because they give a nice topic and it seems to be so much quicker to put together a post.  I linked up with Mrs. Nelson from, Run! Mrs. Nelson’s Got the Camera for her YouTube Linky Party to share favorite videos.  

I love this number line video!  The kids are thrilled to hear the British voice!  My students teacher used this video and a subtraction one last year to introduce using the number line.

There are tons of read alouds and movies of books on YouTube! I had wanted to read Scaredy Squirrel as a great book for making connections. I didn’t have the book and the library is not open and might not even have it, so I looked it up on YouTube.

Scaredy Squirrel

Here are some others:

The Rainbow Fish – Ms. Kathy has quite a few read alouds.

The Napping House – really well done!

Goodnight Gorilla

There are great for those days when you just don’t have the energy to do the reading or want to change things up a bit. Hope this helps someone else!

Harry Kindergarten also has AMAZING resources!  My kids love the videos and they make for great transition activities.  I have a 4 hour morning once a week and these clips give the kids a great movement break without derailing the day! I especially like using Vowel Bat and Super "e" to review these concepts quickly without over doing it!

These are a few of the great resources I have found.  Check out the linky party and share your great ideas!



  1. thanks for linking up. You have some fabulous finds. I can't wait to use them next year.

  2. I had only seen two of these videos... thank you so much for sharing! I need to use the adding on a number line video next year for sure!
    A Turn to Learn