Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Money, Money, Money

Can you here the song?  We are working on a very short money unit in my class.  The kids are required to know the names and values of the 4 basic coins.  That is a huge step back in our curriculum.  The advantage it that the kids will REALLY know their coins before they learn how to count money.  That was always a really tough skill in first grade!  Here are some of the great resources I have been using:

Harry Kindergarten’s Money Videos on YouTube:

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Cara Carroll’s “The Great Coin Collection” from TPT – amazing activities ready to turn into centers!  Also provides for great differentiation!

Harcourt Publishers also have a great site for games!  These are wonderful to incorporate into centers.  Each of our student computers has Active Board, the Promethean Board software loaded, so I can make charts with a screen shot of the game and link directly to it.  I can lock everything is so that it is a great work board during centers!


Every New Beginning is having a Target card giveaway!  Click on the image to go to her blog and get details on the giveaway!  

Happy almost June!

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  1. Thanks for the resources on money. We are beginning to teach money again next year as a part of the Common Core Standards so I'm trying to get as many resources as possible!
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