Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Blog for Teaching Strategies

I started a blog around the time I started this one, but wanted to build up some resources before I put it out in public.  It is called Picture Books to Inspire Readers. The idea behind the blog is to create a resource blog where teachers can find picture book to teach specific skills and either mini-lesson ideas or links to resources.


I have changed my approach and format a couple times and was frustrated because of the limitations of the old Blogger that caused updating the site to take FOR.EV.ER!  However, I have found myself going back to it a number of times to find books I have used in the past.  I thought I would share it with everyone to see what you think.  I will be adding updates as time allows.

I also found this wonderful site that provides lists of books to teach skills, themes, comprehension strategies, and many other areas of the curriculum.  Check it out!

ATN - Book Lists (Suggested Reading)


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  1. Thanks for sharing this site.
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