Saturday, May 25, 2013

Weekend Projects

Well, attempted projects! I found this amazing frame that I wanted to make this weekend.


Here is my attempt…I’m not lovin’ it.  I thought the frame was going to be big enough if I tilted the letters, but the “S” is so much bigger than the “L” that it throws the whole thing off.  Maybe I’ll try turning it so that I can put the letters on straight.  Then I thought that I should make the paint match my classroom theme, but I rather like the gold and silver.  Somehow, I accumulate spray paint and those were the colors I had that were not too girly!  My attempt will have to wait for another day because I am a little frustrated with hot glue and spray paint – they don’t play nice together.


While I was at Michael’s (BTW did you know they give teachers a 15% discount if you show your badge or a pay stub?) I was in the wood section to get the letters and found these cute little packages of wooden things.  I saw on someone’s blog that she bought a bunch of these and used them as inspiration for writing centers.  I thought I would give it a go and they are pretty cute. 


I could write about a zebra that follows footprints to a treasure, a dog who sails on a pirate ship to an island, or a cow who rides a bus to school.  I’ll put them out for my third graders and see what they think next week.


Well, I  have reached my crafting frustration point today, so I think I will watch a movie while I do laundry and worry over my missing thumb drive.  I hope, hope, hope I left it at school because I can’t find it here at home.  The worst things are that 1. I remember putting it down and thinking to myself that I had better pick it up before I forget I put it in such a strange spot, then I walked away, and 2. I went to school this morning and did a quick check only to convince myself it was at home.  It’s not.  Alas, no TPT work for me today because EVERYTHING is on that disk – silly, I know :)

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