Friday, May 24, 2013

Five for Friday

I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday

Yay me!  I took some pictures this week!  I am seriously bad about taking photos. I just forget about it when I am teaching. I guess I’m a little “intense”.

1. Journal Jars

I made my journal jars for students!  Well, I labeled and copied at least.  These cute little jars contain summer writing prompts.  Add a little journal and fun pencil and they make a great gift for kids and it will keep them writing over the summer.  My kids LOVE them every year and I feel great about giving them something they can use to practice their skills. Pick up a kit on my TPT site!



2. Summer Watermelons

We also made summer watermelons! They look so cute lining the hallways!

P5230486 image

  Click on the image to check the packet out in my TPT store.


3. Great Books

I can’t help ordering new books through the public library that I see online stumble across on Amazon. I found a couple cute ones that really seemed to make an impact on my chatty class. I think I will begin the year with them next year. They both have great lessons for kids.


4. Pinterest Awesomeness!

Now that I am moving back to teaching little ones (I know third to  second isn’t a huge change, but they will seem so little!), I keeping finding adorable ideas.  I found this amazing frame that I want to make this weekend. 


So cute!

5. Packing My Classroom!

I started packing up my books this week!  Just 18 days left and I am trying to get things done while I have 20+ pairs of hands to help me out a little.  I am debating about revamping my colors/theme. I used Dots on Turquoise this year and loved it.  When I taught first, I used red and royal blue.  Loved that too, but was ready for a change.  Now moving to second, I’m not sure what I’d like to do.  Maybe keep it simple and stick to the Dots on Turquoise.  I have started to add touches of black though and I like to contrast. I really liked the Dots on Black, but another colleagues used it and I didn’t want to be a copy cat…

I’ve had a mild frog theme for years. It started ten years ago when I was going crazy from all the apple themed teacher gifts.  At least the frog theme gave kids and families an I idea and I ended up with things I can display. The frogs look pretty cute with the Dots on Turquoise. 

Well, it’s waaay too much to decide on a Friday after a day of Adventure Day (read: fun theme day organized by the PTA).  I am wiped out, but at least I survived the day! This day always helps me remember that teachers have the amazing talent to turn any situation into an organized learning experience for their kids! Well, mostly…making worm habitats 25 minutes before leaving for the buses almost did me in!  On the upside, I get to raise worms in my classroom for the next 18 days…yep!



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