Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Item, Giveaway, and Cool Links!

Ahh!  I finished my third college course and there are 20 – count ‘em twenty more days of school left!  I am so ready for summer that I cannot even express it!

I have a cute new product in my TPT store.  It is a summer journal jar.  I have made these jars with my kids the last few years as a last day project and they LOVE them!  I buy cute little journals and they decorate them, then they make their journal jars.  I even had a parent of a reluctant writer call me two days after school let out to tell me her child was in his room writing and would not come out! LOL!  I guess he wasn’t a reluctant writer any longer!


Click on the images to check it out in the store!

I buy plastic containers with lids at the dollar store – 3 or 4 for a dollar and put them in little gift bags with the journals.  The kids cut up and fold the strips for their jars.  They are so fun!

Now for the giveaway!  I will give a free copy to two random followers who comment that they shared this giveaway/item on their blog.  Just blog about it, comment and leave a link to your post.  I will close the giveaway at midnight on Wednesday, May 22nd!

My class is doing this fun little project tomorrow:


Click on the image to check it out in my TPT store.

On another note, I’m working on two workshops for this summer.  I am revamping my workshop from last year: Integrating Technology into Literacy Centers and creating a new workshop:l Digital Writing and Publishing with Elementary Students.  I am hoping to try a few more things out with my kiddos, but time is short!

In the process I have found a few great sites that my kids love!

My students are super into comics this year.  I mean sneaking them out of their desks while I am teaching obsessed!  I found this great site a Scholastic and they are in love:


All of a sudden, I am the best teacher ever – according to a class of nine year olds!  I was super impressed with their creativity.  I need to take my ink printer to school tomorrow so they can print their creations without trekking down the hall to pick their copies up.

I would say this site is best for third grade and up.

The other site is a story starter site:image

This is a great site to spark imagination and get even the most reluctant writers going.

Do you have any digital/techy writing links or ideas?  I would love to hear them!

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