Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Bloggy Best and Brightest, and Books for Boys Linky

A little alliteration…
Bunting, Book, and Bainbridge is having a linky! It's one is a chance to share and brag about blogging in 2012. I'm trying to do this post in my iPad because I still did not get my computer fixed! Let's see...
Bunting Books and Bainbridge

1. I wrote a lot of posts and posted more freebies last year.

2. I found more of a voice in 2012. I think I have mentioned before, but I am a very shy person when it comes to talking to adults. The blog world is no different for me. I can be a little more anonymous, but you are still putting yourself out there for people.

3. I learned so much about the actual creation of a blog! I learned how to modify and create templates, creat blog buttons, and customize my blog.

My goals for this year...

1. Make a connection with other third grade bloggers. I have been bridging the world between the first grade teachers I love to follow and third grade blogs that I need for the support.

2. I'd like to share more thins that I create. Yikes...such a risk!

3. Along the same lines,I would really like to get into TPT world. I really need to think about how to be ale to do the college thing and still pay the bills! I just hope I have something useful for others!

Swimming into Second is hosting a linky party all about the best books for boys.

I am lucky to have pretty voracious readers this year and I have been working to update my book collection, with a particular focus on books for boys. Maximum Boy has been a favorite in my room for a few years and I found is by accident at a thrift store a few years ago. Maximum boys is your average kid who is also a super hero!  Hank Zipper is a new discovery.  I was looking for books for boys and found these at Goodwill.  They are getting great reviews from my boys. The story lines remind me of Boy Meets World.  AND they are co-written by the Fonz – Henry Winkler if you don’t know who the Fonz is.


Anything Lego related has been hot this year.  It has really made me think of how to appeal to boys through their interests.  I find that they use many skills that non-fiction readers use.  The books can be written like encyclopedias or how to books.

Garfield comics have been so huge this year that the kids are sneaking them into their desks to read. They even take them to lunch.

Matt Christopher is also a popular author among the boys. He writes books with a sports theme. They really appeal to boys who love baseball or football stats.

These are a few popular books in my room this year.  Some years the dinosaur theme is hot or books about sharks or volcanoes.  These year, the kids seem to have very different tastes in books. I hope that you found a few new ideas for your kiddos.

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