Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Linky Party!

I so want to get out of this rut that I seem to be in right now, so I am going to link up to a few linky parties to get myself going!

I'm linking up with The Teachers' Cauldron to make a personal resolution and a blogging resolution.

My personal resolution is to find balance in my life. Okay, I cheated.  That really encompasses a few things. I need to find some balance between home, school and college.  For home, I would really like to get my house organized and stop feeling like I am a hoarder (I have vowed to not buy any more clothes, home d├ęcor items, or books this year.) At school I would like to get some units under my belt and really do some strong planning.  I feel like I have been coasting a bit because my four hour mornings are just killing me this year. And for college, I would like to be able to better balance the demands of coursework with school planning and house work.

My blogging goal is to simply blog more.  I have been out of the blogging and creating mode this year.  I want to share more and maybe even update/create some items for Teachers Pay Teachers – hopefully the field isn’t so saturated that everything has been done!

Well, those are my resolutions this year.  I have already started on some of them!  I have a large roast in the slow cooker for dinners for the week, have an outfit ready for tomorrow (and hope to have a few more picked out tonight), some items ready to copy tomorrow morning, and have oatmeal ready to get into a new breakfast routine. 

For everyone going back to school tomorrow – have a wonderful day!

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