Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Random

This post is just total life randomness and reflecting.

Is it just me or did the weekend to super fast?!? I planned ahead in spelling, but am not quite feeling ready to tackle the week. I can't say how many times I thought about how I should have stayed in first grade. I really like to teach new things and pull new units together, but I guess it feels harder this time. I was in first for 5 years, after six years of looping or changing jobs/roles. So, I think this change has thrown me for a loop. I am just not as happy to spend hours planning for the next week as I used to be and it is overwhelming when everything is completely different. i end up not making decisions because I'm not sure what to do next.

Anyway, what's a girl to do? Of course, go shopping! I know, I know, I was on a whole spending diet. I tried to use gift cards but could not find a leopard print scarf at Peebles, so I succumbed to TJMaxx - where one can find just about anything. I found a cute shift dress and a heavy red, black, and white plaid jacket. I may end up taking the jacket back. I found it in the children's section. Rachel Raye had a segment on how everyone can find items in the children's section and it is so much cheaper. However, this is not the first time I have perused the girls section. I, sadly, can wear large and XL items. It is just hard to find trendy things. Anyway, I got the jacket and think it might be too small. After bringing the first armful from the car, I just didn't want to go back out in the dark and snow.

I also found a filing cabinet at the thrift store for $5! I am rearranging my room and needed somewhere to put my phone, so I thought it would serve as a phone area and for storage. My thought right now is to start to reorganize my mentor books for reading and writing. Now that I can look back on the last four months, I can foresee how I want next year to go.

Maybe that's it! I know I'm a perfectionist. It is just killing me that I'm not doing things the way I want the first year in this grade. I'm just making it through the days and it is bringing me down. I think about how I cold have done it better and what I need to make better. I think it's a low to the confidence level when you second guess everything. We have a new math program and it is a huge undertaking. We also adopted a new spelling series and it doesn't have leveled lists or any word lists to send home. So, even though we have the book and workbooks, we are still typing everything.

Oh, we had an eventful afternoon! We put a tin roof on last year and the installers didn't include the snow guards. We have had about a foot of snow over the last two weeks and some of it has slid of the roof. Our dog has been so nervous because the roof makes noise all day. The snow on the back deck slid off in an avalanche sort of way. The sound was incredible! So now we have about three feet of snow blocking our back door!

This was totally a random brain dump! Have a great week!

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