Thursday, January 3, 2013

First 12 Linky and a Freebie

Lorraine from Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies is having a linky party to look back at the first 12 post of 2012 and reflecting on them.
Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies

  • Randomness and Giveaways! – Haha!  complaining about going back to school after the break.  I guess nothing changes!  I did do come work before going back last year.  I WILL NOT feel guilty about that!
  • Clutter! – I joined the Clutter-Free Classroom Project.  Well, that was a giant fail considering I packed my whole classroom.  It did help reduce the things I packed.  I think I need to go through that again because the number of things in my little classroom keeps growing!
  • Blog Updates! – Oh!  I had made some updates to my blog!  I think it is time again.  I like to overall look, but want to redo my button.
  • Leibster Award Love! – Ahh!  An award.  I love them because it means someone is still reading.  But, goodness they take forever to follow up on. Sad to say, the awards thing just wore me out last year.  I stopped following up after a while. 
  • Go-To Books Linky Party – This was a great linky party  I t really helped me to think about what books influenced my teaching and I found some that I wanted to reread.
  • Thank You! – Another award.
  • A Few Random Things – I shared some organizational tips and a Valentine’s printable.  I still use the math organization and it is a blessing with the departmentalization of math this year.  It helps everything stay speedy!
  • Pinterest Tips – I loved this post!  I use the search function to look up pins from my favorite blogs all the time.  The printing of your board is also really helpful!  I need to try that again!
  • Clutter-Free Classroom Project…and Other Stuff – Again, the Clutter-Free project.  They were good rules.  Maybe I need to take a look at them again.
  • Currently Linky Party – Hmm!  This currently was during a really busy time!  I was planning a baby shower, negotiating to switch grades, and applying to go back to college.  What was I thinking!  I always look back and think that, if things were that crazy then, I have no reason to complain now! Oh, I forgot about the 50th anniversary party and defunct reunion I was planning too…
  • My Rules for Purging – Clutter-Free Project
  • Organizing Centers – Hmm!  I wonder how I should start to organize my centers now?  After all, it took my five years to get them down in first grade!
  • Wow! – haha!  I topped 100 followers!  I’ve been holding around the same number for a long time.  I try not to focus on that.
  • New Toy! – The file bag!  I just pulled that out again..  Great tool – need to use it more consistently!

This was a fun linky party! I actually listed 14 posts because that’s how many I had in January last year. Check out any of the old posts if they interest you!

I also make a quick freebie.  We have departmentalized math classes and this is a huge adjustment to me.  I have been having a tough time tracking everything when 3/4 of the class is from another homeroom.  At any rate, I am not too much of a stickler for homework - only if I notice that it never gets done.  I am stepping up my game and created an "Oops Slip." Believe it or not, my teachers in elementary school used these to remind us to bring our homework back.  After 3 slips, we lost recess or had to have our parents sign the slip.  If it is something you can use, feel free to print.



  1. I am your newest follower and have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Hop on over to my blog for the details. If you have already been nominated just let me know. I will totally understand!

    Your blog is adorable! Welcome to blogging!

    Renee :)
    Check out my blog

  2. Hi, I posted just before you on Lorraine's 12 in '12 linky. I teach fourth grade this year. I wanted to do the Clutter-Free Blog challenge last year, but I got distracted. Have a great 2013.

  3. I am so glad I'm not the only organization fail this year!! Soooo not my strength either! Maybe we can recruit some parents to do it for us. ;) I'm excited that I found your blog through the linky. I'm a new follower!

    Second Grade Sparkle