Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tell Me Something Good {Linky}

Jennifer from Rowdy in First is hosting a "Tell Me Something Good" linky.

Something Good at School: I FINALLY started a fun unit with my students!  We have been buried in assessments and play practice and new teacher requirements dreamed up by the state, so it feels like we haven't done anything fun in ages!  I started a unit on China and the Chinese New Year this week.  We read ( in shared reading with my class) Lon Po Po and Yeh Shen.  I put together and investigative inquiry center where students were engrossed in books about China and put their "I notices" and "I wonders" on sticky notes to share - quietest and most productive center in ages! I will shared pictures as soon as I can remember to bring my camera to school!

Something Good at Home: 1. I FINALLY have a dishwasher installed!  It has been two years and I finally decided, since I have gone back to school one night a week, that I can't stand the dishes anymore and it was worth it to buy a new dishwasher.  We have one of the 18" ones, so they are about twice as expensive. 2. I started my second doctoral class!  Oh, my!  I so love it, but am so out of my element.  I'm taking a Qualitative Methods course and I have to observe people and do interviews.  I guess I'll just have to come out of my shy shell!

I am excited about the upcoming 3 day weekend!  I am prepping for a workshop I am doing on integrating CORE into literacy centers.  I have the basics, but need to really work on fleshing it out.  I hope I can share something new with area colleagues!


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