Saturday, October 8, 2011

Do the Twist and Shout

My kids are eating up movement activities this year! I have these huge 4 hour blocks in the morning and that is rough at the beginning of the year. I have 2 great activities to share with you!

The first I call “Dance, Dance, Freeze.” I’m not sure if this is an actual game. If it is , please let me know I will give someone credit. I put on a fast c.d.. Right now I am using the sound track from The Frog Princess. I play the c.d. and the kids dance. Periodically I stop the c.d. and they have to freeze. It is fun to see who gets into it and who takes some time before they will take the risk to dance. It is also fun to see how they interpret different paced songs. Any other ideas for great c.d.s?


The other activity I uses dice. I used the wooden cube from math and write exercises on one and what to count by on the other. I roll the dice and we count and do the exercise. This really breaks up large blocks of time and gets the wiggles out.. It is also a great activity to leave for subs to do. I made dice to copy onto cardstock. They are pretty durable if you wrap them in a layer of packing tape.



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