Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fantastic Finds Linky

I wrote this post just to write it and then found Thinking of Teaching is having a Fantastic Finds Linky that fits perfectly! so, I have some edits to make.  Check the linky out and link up you fantastic finds!

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I found Fall is Not Easy, by Marty Kelley through my school librarian and it is my new favorite book – well for now!  It is about a tree that goes through some interesting changes when trying to become a tree with fall leaves. I read it just for fun today, but think it would be great to reinforce using picture clues as a reader.  The text is basic, but the pictures are the real story.  It might also be a great book for beginning to talk about inferences and having the children use what they know and notice to talk about how the tree is changing.

image        Buzzin’ on Cupcakes in 1st Grade

I also found Leaves, by David Ezra Stein, at Buzzin’ on Cupcakes.  It happened to be sitting outside the library when I went to pick up my kids and I grabbed it off the display.  I used it to discuss beginning, middle, and end. Buzzin’ on Cupcakes has more great ideas for this book.  Check it out!


I found this neat site: Teaching with Kids’ Books.  It is a great source to check out new books and old favorites.  It is organized by grade levels and themes.  Check it out!

That’s it for today!  How can a four day week make you more tired than a full week?


  1. That IS a cool book site. Thanks!
    Grade ONEderful

  2. Ohhh I love that you included something you found through your library/librarian! Maybe that can be a theme one week? Thanks for linking up.
    Thinking of Teaching

  3. Thanks for the shout out! :)

    You have a way cute blog, too and I am now a follower and a huge fan!!!

    Marcy @ http://busybeesandcupcakes.blogspot.com