Friday, October 7, 2011


I always find so many great things at the Dollar Store! I found these great signs. Please ignore the half finished bulletin board! I was putting up the Problem/Solution Puzzles my kiddos did. The Pledge sign fit perfectly and livened up that corner.

P1010100 P1010098

Here is my most brilliant idea yet this year – really, I mean it! I have so many adults coming in and out of my room all day and it drives me crazy when they need something and start poking around the room to find it. Odds are, they won’t find what they are looking for and it distracts me every time. Solution: the teacher supply basket!!! I found these baskets at the Dollar General. I guess they are for automotive stuff. I have 3. One is on my desk ion the back, one is on a shelf in the middle of the room, and one is by the computer and Promethean controls in the front of the room. It holds a stapler, tape, highlighters, pends, pencils, scissors, post-its, sharpies, rubber bands, tape, and so on. Love it! It lets everyone get what they need and not drive me bonkers in the mean-time.


So helpful! Hopefully I will get more of these ideas as the year goes on!

*** Edit ***

Something else random! The blog buttons on the side of my blog bugged me. I learned how to make them scroll, but they still drove me crazy because they were different sizes and made me dizzy. I found this great blog:

For The Love Of Blogs

The author posted a tutorial on how to resize blog buttons. Voila! a consistent look. Give it a try!

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