Friday, June 28, 2013

Five For Friday and Teacher Dollar Days Linkys!


Ready for a little 5 for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching? I think I am!  I am feeling a little random, but beware!  I have been having an awful time with technology this week!

I have been done with school since last Friday and I’m not sure I am ready to do anything constructive yet.  I jumped into summer after moving my entire classroom  my myself. without boxes and then started to tackle long neglected projects at home.  Then I burned out!  It has been super muggy and humid here in NY and I just can’t stand it.  Today it is cooler and raining – which I actually love after all the humidity.  I have so many ideas and projects whirling my my mind that I don’t even know where to begin and I’m not sure I want to!

1. Linky Parties

There are so many linkies going on right now that my head is spinning! First, I'm joining with A Teacher Without a Class for a Dollar Days linky!

A Teacher without a Class

I am getting ready to begin a “no buy” summer, so I am not sure if I will be able to link up too often. (If you haven’t heard of a no buy month, it’s literally a month where you do not buy anything. Crazy, but I want to save up for tuition this fall!)

I stumbled across these adorable packages of wooden items and characters at Michaels a few weeks ago. There are 4 items in a package and they cost 99 cents a package.  They are in the wood section. Add on your 15% teacher discount and it is a pretty good deal for a new and motivating writing center! My students went crazy over them!  You would have thought they were scratch and sniff or something!  I put them is a

little tin and they were squirreling the cutouts away in their desks

I created a little writing page for the students to record the three items they choose with a describing word to include in their writing.  Pick it up at my TPT Store for free if you are interested.


imageimage image

Link up and share some great (and cheap) finds!

2. Posts App

A blogger (I’m sorry, but I don’t remember who – sorry!) talked recently about Posts, an app for iPad that allows you to post to your blog.  I have been trying it out and it is great!  I’m notable to do everything I can do on Live Writer, but it is really easy to use and has many features that are similar to other iPad apps.  I have been using it for the more simple posts. It is sooo much better for posting than the Blogger App. 

Check out Posts in the app store.


3. BlogLovin’ App

I am also loving the BlogLovin' App for iPad!  Again, it is very easy to use and very similar to the computer version, so that makes it easy to switch back and forth.  Don’t forget to follow on BlogLovin’!


Also – don’t forget to follow on Bloglovin’! Click below to follow!Follow on Bloglovin

4. Chobani Bandwagon

Yes, I finally bought Chobani.  I have resisted, thinking it was a fad, but my local grocery store had a great sale and I picked 10 containers up.  I think I am liking it!  I am not a big fan of the passion fruit flavor – I’m not sure I like chewing on seeds when eating yogurt.  There are some really great flavors and I love adding our honey to a container.  I’m just not sure I can justify the price. Plus, my husband’s dairy company now makes yogurt and  am feeling like I need to support the family business

5. Summer Shopping Spree!

As I had mentioned above, I am going to try very hard not to buy anything new in July and August. I had to have one last little shopping spree before shutting it down!  I justify this by saying that I just got rid of a ton of clothes at a consignment shop.  My style is changing and it has been easy to get rid of a bunch of things!

First, I had a bunch of really pretty a-line skirts, but I am loving the pencil skirt and maxi skirt tends. So, I bought 2 maxi skirts at JCPenny

DP0430201318215529Ca.n.a® Foldover Maxi Skirt

I have loved the sheer sleeveless blouse trend on fashion blogs.  I think I could wear these to work with a tank top underneath and they would look cute under a jackets.

I still love my heels, but have been into the flat trend lately and I can’t live without good pair of wedge sandals.  These are from Payless and have a nice amount of cushion. I’m still on the lookout for the perfect pair of mint colored flats, but I can’t seem to find a pair that is at my price limit.


Oh, how I love Maurice's!  I find I am wearing so many things I bought there!  I bought white jeggings and a plaid button-down on the clearance rack. I have really jumped into he skinny jeans trend after a few years  I think these jeans will be good for cooler days and the plaid shirt will work in summer if I roll up the sleeves.  I also found a great statement necklace and earrings on sale.

imageBlack Gem Statement Necklace - maurices.comFiligree Drop Earrings -

I know it seems like a lot of items, but I think I spent around $150 dollars and I think they are all versatile items. And, yes, this is how I have spent my summer vacay so far!  Hopefully I can get myself going after resting a bit more this weekend!

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