Thursday, June 6, 2013


Holy moly, Batman!  What a week this is!  I have that whole “I’m new to this building therefore I know nothing” thing going on.  Plus, there is some crazy new thing added to our schedule everyday.  I mean chorus try outs in June for next year?!? Plus 9 summer birthdays and 2 more in June. Plus, assessments that are not set in stone and are being changed after I already efficiently (or so I thought) graded them. 

Plus my classroom is Cra-Zay!!! 

My poor kiddos were so excited about reading one last chapter book but we can’t even fit that in with the gazillion assessments we need to give. 

I had 17…count ‘em…17 interruptions Monday.  Phone calls galore and people just “popping” in.  It has gotten to the point where the phone rings when I am in mid-sentence during directions and the kids…the kids who NEVER follow my directions EVER…groan in frustration.

Don’t even get me started on the writing portfolio requirement that requires students to type one of their portfolio pieces.  I have you ever had 22 nine year olds try to type 2-6 pages of anything?!? On Laptops?!?  Hours people, hours! I decided that anyone who was absent is just getting a post-it on their piece saying they were out.

I give up!  Movies and popcorn tomorrow! Just kidding – that just cannot happen.  After all, we clearly teach and the children are so ready to learn up to the very last minute…uh huh.

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