Sunday, June 23, 2013

Murphy's Law and Slacking!

What did I get in the mail on my VERY FIRST day of summer vacation? Can you guess???  A jury duty summons! For the middle of July. I just wanted to cry. I will be in the middle of the most difficult part of my coursework in July and can't imagine what I'll do if I miss class to sit on a jury. I can't imagine that missing a class for Quantitative Research Methods will be an easy thing to do. I hear the class moves pretty quick and there are quizzes. If I can't go to class I will either need to take an incomplete or will get below a B. either of which means I lose my place in the program and lose the tuition.

Do I take my chances and hope there's no trial? Or that I don't get called? Do I postpone and maybe end up getting called during the school year AND while taking classes? I just don't know what to do. I always knew my middle name was Murphy's Law!

On the slacking side, I have fallen off the book study wagon. I was doing so well, but the last few days have just been recovering from the last two days of school. While I was trying to move my classroom down the hall with no help and no boxes, the summer recreation program was moving into both my old room and my new room. I'll be honest, it pushed me over the edge. I was determined to get the move finished, but there were at least a dozen teenagers rearranging my stuff every time I turned around. I, the adult trying to finish my job, needed to continually ask teens to excuse me so they would get out of my way. Apparently the look on my face was not enough.

 Oh, and did I mention I also did not have any sort of cart to move? I resorted to pulling my car up to my classroom door, packing the car full, and then driving around to my other classroom and unloading it all. So now, my entire classroom is sitting on shelves and counters, unboxed and on covered. It's ready and waiting for several teenagers and dozens of little ones to get into when I am not there. Poor, poor planning on the part of powers that be. BTW, I am one of four out of ten or so rooms in the wing being used for rec. why not choose anther room? Argh!!!

Off for another cup of coffee and maybe a movie!

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