Monday, June 10, 2013

Fun Writing Center

I know, two posts in one day…but it’s a freebie! (And really, does anyone pay that much attention to the dates on posts?)

My kids are loving this super fun writing center!  I stumbled across these adorable packages of wooden items and characters at Michaels a few weeks ago. There are 4 items in a package and they cost 99 cents a package.  They are in the wood section. Add on your 15% teacher discount and it is a pretty good deal for a new and motivating writing center!

You can also buy the larger wooden cuts outs, but I am a bit stingy at the moment and wanted to save the money.

I created a little writing page for the students to record the three items they choose with a describing word to include in their writing.  Pick it up at my TPT Store if you are interested.


image  image  image

You could always use clip art and laminate it, then cutout the little items for a totally free version!

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