Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bucket Fillers - Part 2

I started this series of posts with the intention of talking about the Bucket Filler Books, but quickly realized that I was reflecting on my old behavior systems and how well they worked. I tried a few new things this year and just did not find the success with behavior that I had in past years. So, I am returning to what worked. Sometimes the motto is "Don't fix what isn't broken!"

When I started teaching at my current district, I was introduced to 1, 2, 3 Magic and found the method worked really well with little ones.

The premise is that you reduce discussion and the temptation to debate with kids about their choices and behavior by simply counting them as a reminder that there is a concern that needs to be fixed. For example, if you have a child who is interrupting during calendar, you would say "______ that is 1 for interrupting." Consecutive reminders would be followed by "That's 2." and "That's 3." Without discussion. Then 3 is reached, there is a consequence, such as leaving the group to reflect on behavior. Of course, the system needs to be explained and modeled before implementing.

I found this worked really well and was a great tool for parents as well. There is a parent version of the book. I liked the quick feedback for the kids and the reduction in negotiation. You know there are those kiddos who have an amazing talent to debate you into oblivion.

I did find they needed a visual to connect to this system. I know that people debate about having negative consequences and having visual systems, but I feel children really need to know the boundaries of what isn't acceptable, as well as what is acceptable. If we only point out the positive, I think we are only teaching children to regulate part of their behavior. Things that we need to remember when dealing with behavior is that it needs to be consistent, students need to be aware of their expectations, and they need to learn from their choices to be more responsible classroom citizens.

So, I combine the 1, 2, 3, Magic philosophy with the Rainbow System in the last post. I used the same pocket chart to save space and connect the reminders to the positive reinforcement system.

I bought clothes pins and put magic numbers on each clip. Then I used the garage sale stickers and place a green, yellow, orange, and red dot at the top of the clear part of the pocket in each section of the pocket chart. The clip were then put on the green dot. With each reminder, the clip was moved. I worked with the students to establish consequences, but in general, I worked towards the following:

yellow = reminder
orange = warning and 5 minutes off recess
red = 10 minutes off recess and a call home.

Later in the year, I started to have students change their rainbow card if they stayed on green. This is a great system for subs to use. I could always follow up as necessary based on where the clips were at the end of the day and reward students who were on green.

Again, I will try to take a picture of the system and add it this week.

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