Friday, July 22, 2011

What I Could Not Teach Without Linky Party

gMrs. Lamb at Views from Room 205 is hosting What I Could Not Teach Without Linky Party!

Here is what I cannot live without!

1. Coffee - We have a Keurig in our staff room, so the little containers of coffee are like gold in our building! Thank goodness I have an awesome group of friends who share!

2. My Vera Bradley Cup with Lid - LOVE THIS! I received this cup as a teacher appreciation gift and have been wanting one for a long time. Coffee is a must-have for me, but I am a slow drinker. Sometimes I even reheat my cup around lunch time. The lid has been awesome! I just found that Barnes and Noble carries these babies and I bought one for home so that I don't have to carry mine back and forth.

3. Kidney Table - I call mine a Jelly Bean Table. I have taught in classrooms without them and I can tell you that teaching guided reading just isn't the same without one!

4. Teachers Pay Teachers - I cannot tell you how amazing this site has been for me! I had lost a lot of creativity over the years in my practice, and blogging and TPT have helped me to find it again! It is amazing to support fellow professionals and benefit from their genius ideas. I will just keep it to myself just how much I have spent on this site!

5. Blogs! - Oh, my! I just discovered teacher blogs this year and I am overwhelmed by the amazingness of folks in our profession! Again, tapping into the blogging world has made me a better and more knowledgeable teacher, made my classroom more fun, and has put some spirit back into my practice. I cannot express how bummed out I had become about work and how bogged down you can get in "how we do things here" stuff. It is refreshing to see how the rest of the world teaches and benefit from the joy others have in their jobs.

6. Google Reader - This is blog related. I would never be able to get so many ideas from blogs without the benefit of Google Reader. It is genius!

7. Google Doc - Again, this has become key for organzing things from blogs. We had used this at school for various committees and I was not trilled with the amount of time we spent trying to collaborate on documents on Google Doc istead of getting things done, but as a tool for saving and accessing documents, it is awesome.

8. RGS Book Bins - LOVE these! I bought a class set a few years ago and have used them for book boxes, the leveled reader library, and the picture book library. Unfortunately, every time I find a different use for them, I have to find containers for whatever I steal them away from. I wish I could afford to supply every area in my room with them.

I am sure there are a few more, but this is what I can think of off the top of my head!

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  1. haha-the jelly bean table. my kids will be sitting at those this year instead of desks. I'll have to call them jelly beans