Thursday, July 7, 2011

Classroom Jobs Linky Party

I think I am obsessed with linky parties! They finally convinced me to come out of my blogging shell and take my blog public!

Mrs. Dillard is having a Linky Party on Classroom jobs! And I decided to join in!

I love to see how people manage classroom jobs! In my 1o years of teaching, I have never been able to pull off classroom jobs. I have set them up about a dozen times and have never kept up with it. I have tried having a few jobs and I have tried giving everyone a job. The problems were the that I was horrible at changing the jobs every week and I was terrible at either reminding the kids of their jobs or making time for them to do the jobs.

So, the last few years I have stuck to having a VIP. I put all of the kids names on cards and put them on a loose leaf ring. I have the ring on my Business Board where I keep all of the details of our day. I just switch the card each day and that child is responsible for all of the jobs in the classroom for that day. They are the line leader, the messenger, the paper passer, and so on. They can choose a partner to help them out. This is my go-to person for the day and it works sooo well!

Click here to read more about my Business Board. I will try to update with a picture if I can get into my room in the next week. When I was in yesterday, it was completely bare and everything was stacked in the hall!

Reading the great ideas that have been posted so far have made me want to think about having jobs again. Maybe if I get myself organized this year, I can keep up with the task of changing and doing classroom jobs. I am truly finding that, as I learn so much from everyone in blogland about organizing my classroom, as I become more organized I have more time to plan and be creative. Giving jobs may help me to cut down on the endless hours I spend in my classroom because the kids would be taking on some of those jobs. Hmmm - I need to think more about this!

Hook up with Mrs. Dillard to share your classroom jobs!

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  1. Thanks for joining the linky party! I love your idea of having that go-to person but think of 20+ go-to little In the end, they really do save me a lot of work & it is teaching them responsibility which they really need in first grade. I don't think I could change my system at this point..I'm so used to them helping out so much. It makes my life & our day run so much more smoothly.
    Peace, Mel D
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