Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pet Peeve Linky Party

Alisha over at the Bubbly Blonde is hosting a linky party called: What is your biggest classroom pet peeve?"

Here are mine:
  1. When you hear your name called about a billion times (there are days I have changed my name ;).)
  2. Coat and backpack cubbies!!! - I moved to a smaller room a couple years ago and I went from huge, individual cubbies to having kids share. There is never enough room and their stuff spills all over the entryway. (Not to mention there is a conspiracy to create backpacks as big as the kiddos!) I have been thinking about ways to add storage without sending myself to the poorhouse!
  3. The dreaded "Shh!" kids use when they want silence.
  4. My building got new phones a couple years ago and as soon as you get a message, the top of the phone starts flashing orange. Nothing interrupts my follow more than seeing the light flash.
  5. Last minute papers to go home - we sometimes have papers from various folks that "must go in backpacks today" at the 11th hour. Sometimes, they just go home the next day!
  6. Little pieces of classroom things - you know all of those items that go missing from games and manipulatives. All those tings that you find at the end of the year when you are cleaning out your room - they are under shelves, in wrong containers, stashed under the computer...
Link up to share your pet peeves!

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