Sunday, July 10, 2011

Daily 5 - Schedule of Posts

So, I am thinking that I will put together a schedule of posts on Daily 5. I do my best thinking when I can tear apart the big picture and really think about the parts of what I do. So, my goal will be to work through my thought process for the upcoming school year.

Part 1: Setting up routines and procedures
Part 2: Record keeping and planning
Part 3: Read to Self
Part 4: Work on Writing
Part 5: Listen to Reading
Part 6: Work on Words
Part 7: Read to Someone

I think I will grab my book and do a quick review. Anyone interested in doing a blog book study around D5?


  1. I'm interested in your insights on this! I'll be teaching first grade for the first time in quite a few years. I know our school is planning a book study for The Daily 5, but I want to have a good mental picture of how it all works before school starts in a few weeks! If nothing else, it would be wonderful to read your reflections and how you incorporate it into a first grade classroom!

  2. Just came across this-did you get any further feedback? Are you going forward with this?
    I used the Daily 5 framework in my first grade classroom last year for my first time-it was wonderful. I am looking for ways to tweak what i did last year to make it better.
    Let me know