Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fun Back-to-School Stuff

Jodi at So Fun in First is having a Linky Party on Back to School Activities and I posted my ideas yesterday.

I was perusing a few of the links and came across Alisha at

And she posted a few ideas that made me think "I HAVE to do that." I actually went right out to Staples and bought 6x6x6 mailing boxes to make her Back-to-School question dice. Check out her great ideas by clicking here!
These boxes were only $1.49 each and I thought that I could use them for reading comprehension questions, writing prompts, and Alicia's question idea. I am not usually one for shopping at Staples because the people who work there have this annoying habit of greeting you as soon as you walking in the door by shouting across the front of the store and then inevitably follow you around like you have no clue what you are looking for and they NEED to help you. I would swear they work on commission! I also think their prices can be a bit to high. I did find a pack of 3 reasonably good "big girl" scissors for $5.00, a Swingline (the best) hand held stapler for $5.00, 2 small post-it cubes for $4.00, and a roll of packing tape. I use packing tape to attach labels all over my room. Nothing beats it.

I made a printable with prompts to attach to the cube. Check out Alicia's idea and click here to get the printable!


  1. Ah, thanks so much for the shout out girl! So glad you liked the idea, would love to see your final project! Been thinkin I need a "blog button" and now I really do for this reason! P.S--No biggie, but my name is spelled Alisha!:) Very common mistake!

  2. Thanks for the idea! I fixed your name in the post - sorry about that! I think I had a little one way that spelled her name that way.

  3. I am so use to it, that half the time I don't even correct people! My last name is hard too, so its like I have to spell out my full name. I always ask my mother why she did it to me!